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Blissful Bread Baking

When I was a teenager I was in 4-H.  We use to have to make homemade bread.  It’s been a long time since I made anything but sweet breads. I will be testing at least four different bread dough recipes.  Some use yeast and some do not.  Some require kneading and some do not.  I want to see how we like them for both taste and texture.

First I will be making a traditional Irish Soda Bread which just uses 3 ingredients and minimal kneading. Second I will try a Hot Bread recipe with 6 or 7 ingredients. Third I will try a Anadama Bread recipe with a number of ingredients and kneading and rest times.  Fourth I will try a no knead white bread dough recipe which you can keep in your refrigerator for up to two weeks.

Since I have rheumatoid arthritis I focus on recipes that are simple to make.  Or I modify recipes to be more streamlined.   That is why the minimal ingredients and kneading and resting times appeals to me.  Those considerations will make baking bread more doable and enjoyable.  Understand I do still mix by hand because the mess of cleaning up a mixer is more trouble than its worth for me. 


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